Indian Coast Guard rescues British marines on board a sealift ship

According to the Indian Defense Ministry, the Indian Coast Guard rescued a British sailor from a British sea transport ship off the coast of Kochi on Thursday.

On Wednesday evening around 9 p.m., the British coordination center for sea rescue contacted its colleagues in Mumbai. The British sea transport ship crewed by civilians Anvil tip was operating off the coast of Kochi and a 62-year-old male crew member had developed a medical problem – likely deep vein thrombosis (a dangerous blood clot, typically in a leg).

The Sea Rescue Coordination Center in Kochi conducted a telemedicine consultation to assess the sailor’s condition. After ascertaining the severity of the problem, it dispatched an Indian Coast Guard response vessel to meet with the Anvil tip. The next day the ICG tailor C-410 Rendezvous with Anvil tip off the coast of Kochi, boarded the patient and brought him safely to the port’s port. According to Indian authorities, he is in a stable condition at Renai Hospital in Kochi.

Anvil tip is a Point-class Ro/Ro sea transport vessel, a privately operated vessel supported by the British Government and available as a naval support vessel when required. Six were built, including two at the famous Harland & Wolff shipyard in Belfast. anvil tip, Delivered in 2003, she was the last large merchant ship built at Harland & Wolff before bankruptcy and restructuring. The other four were built in Germany by the Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft.

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