FIFA proposes a new tough stance against racism in all associations

May 16 (THEWILL) – FIFA Secretary General Mattias Grafstrom has announced that the football association will present a proposal to introduce mandatory sanctions, including match forfeits, for incidents of racial abuse at its congress on Friday. In a letter to all 211 member associations, Grafstrom explained rules and sanctions, in-game measures and possible criminal charges to combat racism.

The proposed measures would make racism a specific offense in the disciplinary code and entail severe penalties such as forfeiture of games. Games will be paused, interrupted or abandoned if racist behavior occurs, with a standardized gesture for players to alert referees. The three-step process includes issuing warnings, suspending games until the abuse stops and possible cancellations.

In addition, FIFA aims to criminalize racism in all countries where it is not already illegal and to advocate for stricter law enforcement where laws exist. Educational initiatives involving schools and governments as well as the establishment of an anti-racism committee made up of former players are planned.

This firm stance demonstrates FIFA’s commitment to eliminating racism in football. Grafstrom emphasized the need for strong action: “We must have uniform standards and sanctions worldwide to take this scourge out of play.”

Jew Obafemi

Jude Obafemi is a versatile Senior Correspondent at THEWILL Newspapers, excelling in sourcing, researching and delivering sports news to print and digital publications.

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