Virginia Beach school cancels baseball season amid allegations of racism

A high school baseball team in Virginia has had its season canceled amid troubling allegations.

According to Melissa George, principal of Kempsville High School (Virginia Beach, Virginia), a recent investigation “found that racism, hate speech and harassment have been an ongoing problem for several years.”

John Penn, the varsity baseball coach, was involved in the decision, according to George.

Details about what led to these allegations and the suspension of the season are not yet known. WTKR3 in nearby Norfolk reports that the “allegations appear to come from a player’s mother, who says her son was called racial slurs, including the N-word.”

According to WAVY 10 in Hampton Roads, the school board has described this as part of “student disciplinary matters.”

The local NAACP chapter issued a statement regarding the allegations of years of racism and hate speech:

“We are drawing attention to the ongoing acts of hate and racism within the Virginia Beach Public School System at Kempsville High School and are extremely concerned that this situation has been ongoing for some time. We applaud the brave young men who have fought for equality in this system. It is unfortunate that racism still exists and that our youth have to endure its ugly side. It must be eradicated everywhere. Our goal is to ensure that residents do not live in fear or undue fear simply because they are African American.”

(h/t 13 news now)

Kempsville ends its season with a record of 5-13.

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