Rescue draws attention to dangers when fighting fires | 28/22 News

EDWARDSVILLE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Two firefighters were rescued from the burning building in Edwardsville Thursday morning. It highlights the dangers associated with firefighting.

“It’s one of the most dangerous jobs in the country, and today just proved it,” said Chief Frank Guido of the Kingston/Forty Fort Fire Department.

The dramatic rescues of two firefighters were captured on camera. It happened Thursday morning in a fire at the late District Judge James Haggerty’s office in Edwardsville.

“Firefighters are usually the first to arrive on scene and every fire is different. There was just heavy smoke from this fire and it was this black, thick charcoal smoke that is not good for you,” Chief Guido explained.

You can clearly see the teamwork in these critical moments. Chief Guido says firefighters train for moments like this.

“The training never stops. “You have to be trained to get the job, and the training continues throughout your career,” Chef Guido added.

Rapid response teams play an important role at fire scenes like this. This is a crew that serves as a standby rescue team for trapped or injured firefighters.

“It was the Hanover Township RIT team that responded and they were just great at taking these guys down,” Chief Guido continued.

The Edwardsville fire chief said the firefighters were treated and released from the hospital

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