Love Island star ‘rushed to hospital after viral TikTok video went horribly wrong’

A Love Island star has been “taken to hospital” after a re-enactment of a TikTok trend “went horribly wrong”. Kaz Kamwi and Chris Taylor decided to make their version of a viral video in which a man picks up a woman and spins her around before falling to the ground.

But after their attempts completely failed, they still posted the video to Chris’ 1 million followers on Instagram, shocking fans with the clip’s stunning ending. As the clip ends, Kaz is seen lying in a hospital bed with a neck brace while Chris stands worriedly at her bedside.

Kaz seemed hurt by their efforts, however it could be a parody of the two as Chris in particular is known for his hilarious and comedic videos. It is unknown whether Kaz’s injuries were real or part of the video.

Posting the video online, Chris wrote: “I’m deeply sorry” and tagged his co-star Kaz. Elsewhere in his story, he uploaded behind-the-scenes clips as they practiced the seemingly dangerous lift and then wished Kaz “a speedy recovery.” Chris even joked that she “almost lost her life” in one clip.

He then shared a selfie of the glamorous duo looking completely unharmed, sitting in a car and vomiting the peace symbol. He wrote: “Guess sign us up for WWE.”

Chris joked that his wrestling name would be “Johnny Thundershaft” while Kaz would be “the Kazenator or Kazatron.” While the reality stars appeared to be happy and in good spirits on social media, the photo of Kaz in a hospital bed looked incredibly realistic.

The couple, who fans speculated were getting closer based on the last few days they documented on social media, re-entered the Love Island villa for the All Stars series earlier this year. However, viewers saw Chris struggling to establish a lasting romance in the series’ spin-off and left the series after 26 days.

He developed a strong bond with his co-star Kaz, to the point where the two were repeatedly linked after seemingly several dates. Although they insist they are friends, some fans are not convinced after their cozy days together.

One fan posted on social media: “I feel like they’re together.” Another added: “Yeah, they’re definitely seeing each other lol.” The speculation about the duo’s relationship status comes as Chris is preparing for his new role as he is set to join the presenter roster ahead of the new series.

He will co-host the series’ spin-off show alongside Sam Thompson, Indiyah Polack and Amy Hart and join the panel on Aftersun alongside main host Maya Jama. The new season of the iconic show is just weeks away – and the first registered contestant has been announced.

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