Tornado Cash developer Alexey Pertsev appeals guilty verdict in $2.2 billion money laundering case – DL News

  • Pertsev’s case has rocked DeFi with its privacy implications.
  • The crypto mixer has become a flashpoint in the battle between crypto and law enforcement.

Tornado Cash developer Alexey Pertsev has filed an appeal in a Dutch court following his guilty verdict on Tuesday.

The s-Hertogenbosch Court of Appeal has received notification of the filing, a spokesman said DL News.

The appeal must be allowed and the court where Pertsev was tried must prepare the file for the appeal court. Preparation for the first hearing could take months, the spokesman said.

New judges

The appeal will be considered by a new group of three judges. If approved, Pertsev’s defense can present additional arguments and request further investigation.

Pertsev’s defense attorney could not immediately be reached for comment.

Legal experts said DL News that the court’s ruling has weaknesses that provide good grounds for an appeal.

A three-judge panel found Pertsev guilty of money laundering charges and sentenced him to 64 months in prison.

The court ruled that Tornado Cash was an illegal platform with no bans for criminal users.

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“If the defendant had had the opportunity to take action against abuse, he should have included it. But he didn’t do that,” Pertsev’s verdict said.

Tornado Cash is a decentralized program that allows users to anonymize crypto transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. Proponents argue that this is a privacy solution for the otherwise public records of users’ transaction histories.

The crypto mixer was abused by criminal organizations to launder $2.2 billion through hacks of DeFi platforms and exchanges.

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