Overheated machinery caused a fire at a commercial building in Boston as four emergency crews rushed to the scene

The cause of a fire at a commercial building in a Lincolnshire town has been investigated. In the early hours of May 15, four firefighters were called to the incident at Plevin, a wood pellet manufacturing plant on Tenens Way, Boston.

The fire brigade was on site throughout the day and did not leave the scene until around 5 p.m. It has since emerged that the cause of the fire was the machinery overheating.

Crews from Boston, Donington, Kirton and Leverton attended the scene and were able to extinguish the fire. A spokesman for Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Service said: “This incident resulted in fire damage to electrical wiring within machinery and a large amount of sawdust.”

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“Crews wearing breathing apparatus extinguished the fire using two hose reel nozzles, thermal imaging cameras and a nine-meter ladder. The fire was caused by overheated machinery.”

The fire caused damage to electrical wiring in machinery and a large amount of sawdust(Image: RS Mortiss)

Images from the scene show emergency services at the incident after the fire was brought under control.

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