Neighbor says he heard sirens before fatal MS crash

MARSHALL COUNTY, Miss. — A married couple who died in a crash in Marshall County on Wednesday have been identified, but the circumstances leading to the fatal crash are still unknown.

Anthony Jones was at home Wednesday when two vehicles collided on Red Banks Road in Marshall County. A couple in their 70s died and another person was in very critical condition.

There is no confirmation that a chase occurred before the accident, but Jones says he heard sirens shortly before the collision.

“You could hear it clearly from my yard because it was right on the curve up here,” Jones said.

The Mississippi Highway Patrol is responsible and will not comment on whether the other vehicle involved was pursued prior to the crash. However, Anthony Jones is sure about what he heard from his garden.

“I heard a siren in the far distance and after that I heard what sounded like a vehicle racing through the engine at high speed and the next thing I heard sounded like a BOOM,” he said.

Coroner James Anderson identified the deceased as Rosie and Curtis Jeffries of Marshall County, who were passengers in a red pickup truck.

Jones says two people were trapped inside the red truck and the other vehicle was upside down.

“I heard someone in the vehicle, it sounded like they were gasping for air,” he said.

Jones soon learned that he knew the deceased couple.

“They favored someone in some way, and when they told me who they were, I said, ‘Yeah. They were,” Jones said.

Family members of the Jeffries told us they are not ready to talk about their loss. The Marshall County Sheriff’s Office declined to comment.

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