Residents of Citilcum threaten to block the Maya Train’s work

What seemed like a quiet meeting turned a bit rough, heated and with complaints to those responsible for the work on the bridge in the municipality of Citilcum on the afternoon of Wednesday May 15th.

The residents of Citilcum were asked to deliver the depressive passage in the presence of those responsible for the work of the Maya Train, FONATUR and the Asvindi company. However, those summoned decided “not to accept” the work because it was not yet completed and could not be put into operation until May 20th.

The meeting quickly escalated because when those present asked what should happen to the paving of the community’s streets, the representatives were unable to provide an answer and it triggered a wave of complaints that included the school’s relocation.

“This bridge looks like it’s collapsing and I’m not willing to bury a son or grandson for a crappy structure built by a crappy federal government because this train is like a toy for President AMLO, he does “I don’t care about the people or the promises made,” said one of the protesters.

Citilcum residents said they would block the Mayan Railway on Thursday, May 16, if they did not have answers to their demands.

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