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Our Yorkshire Farm fans Reuben Owen and Sarah Dow are devastated today after Amanda Owen’s eldest son announced his split from his childhood sweetheart.

The pair are currently starring in Channel 5 and My5 spinoff Reuben: Life In The Dales and on Thursday night viewers will see them take a much-anticipated break together for the first time.

Reuben and Sarah have been lovers since childhood. Reuben attended her prom as a teenager after the two grew up together in the heart of Ravenseat.

Sarah Dow posted a picture of herself with Reuben with the caption “one year” on December 5, 2022, which was liked by Reuben’s sister Raven Owen, among thousands of others.

In October 2023, Sarah posted snapshots with Reuben for Halloween. Reuben dressed up as Sacha Baron Cohen’s Ali G character. It happened a few months after she and Reuben attended the Kendal Calling music festival in July.

The couple appear to be childhood sweethearts, as Sarah also posted snaps from her high school prom in 2022, where Reuben attended as her date.

Reuben posted in July 2022: “I can’t believe you put up with me for 6 months #youralegend #ily.”

Fans began to suspect that the couple may have parted ways during the last series on Channel 5, where they were described as “friends”, and Reuben and Sarah’s Instagram posts were littered with questions from viewers asked if they were still together.

Reuben liked Sarah Dow’s post about Reuben Owen: Life In The Dales in April, but the last time Sarah posted a photo of Reuben was in October 2023, when the two were dressed up for Halloween, Reuben as Ali G in one yellow tracksuit with fake beard and Sarah as a cowgirl.

They also attended the Kendal Calling Festival together in July 2023 and it was around this time, in May 2023, that Reuben last posted a photo of Sarah.

Sarah admitted Reuben, along with her pal Tommy, opened her eyes to what she could do, telling viewers: “I never thought I would get into machines until I met Reuben.

“I’m pretty far behind in my knowledge compared to the other two, but they’re actually really good teachers.

“Literally everything I know about machines comes from these two.

“I actually met Reuben through Tommy. We got along really well and he taught me a lot.”

Unfortunately, Reuben set the record straight about their relationship this morning.

He told ITV’s Lorraine: “Me and Sarah were together, we’re not together anymore but we’re still very good friends. She kind of went her own way and pursued her own career.”

“She does the odd day or two for us when she’s not busy, but no, we’re not together. We get along very well and are still good friends.”

Now Sarah, who expressed an interest in becoming a firefighter in the recent series, plans to study engineering, while Reuben continues his television career and excavating business, still supported by his mother Amanda Owen and father Clive Owen despite his parents’ divorce.

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