2 men arrested in ‘targeted’ robbery in Miami, 3 people attacked

MIAMI – Two men accused of attacking three people in what police described as a “targeted robbery” on Sunday have been arrested.

Victor Yariel Polanco, 23, of Connecticut, and Yeuris Baez, 28, of New Jersey, were charged with armed robbery, aggravated assault and burglary causing bodily harm.

At approximately 3:55 a.m. Sunday, officers were dispatched to Northwest 3rd Avenue and 23rd Street after police received a report of a robbery. When they arrived, they found three people, two of whom needed medical attention.

They told officers they were sitting in their car when two men they didn’t know approached them. One person said he took off his Rolex and hid it under his seat. The two men, later identified as Polanco and Baez, suddenly opened the car door and demanded everyone inside to hand over their watches. They reportedly threatened to shoot them if they didn’t.

When one person refused to hand over his Rolex, he was put in a headlock and “pistol-whipped until he lost consciousness,” police said. As a result, he suffered a laceration and a bruise on the back of his head.

According to the affidavits, he did not provide any information about which suspect attacked him during the robbery.

Polanco and Baez then dug through a purse and removed the keys from the ignition, preventing them from leaving.

Investigators reviewed security video from the area and spotted a black BMW parked on the street with a “clear view” of the victim’s car. At approximately 2:50 a.m., the victims were seen exiting their vehicle before returning to their car approximately 30 minutes later while crossing paths with Polanco and Baez. Shortly after returning and speaking with the unidentified driver and passenger of the BMW, Polanco and Baez got into a black Range Rover with a New York state license plate.

Security video then showed both suspect vehicles taking turns in surveillance positions where the victims remained visible to them before and during the robbery. According to the affidavits, only Polanco and Baez managed to get close enough to the victims as they returned to their car.

Baez is then seen getting out of the Range Rover and walking around the area before escaping to the BMW. When the robbery occurred, Polanco was seen using the Range Rover to block traffic from getting to the scene and fleeing after the incident.

Then on Monday, investigators managed to locate the Ranger Rover and it was arrested with the help of the Miami Police Department’s STOP unit. According to police, the victims’ two Rolex watches were also found in their vehicle.

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