Due to water pollution in Devon, 80-year-old grandma is rushed to hospital with severe vomiting

Elaine Hollier, from Brixham, Devon, was taken to hospital by paramedics on Saturday after suffering severe dehydration and vomiting, which deeply worried her husband

South West Water is distributing emergency rations of bottled water in Devon(Alamy Live News.)

It has been claimed a grandmother was hospitalized after drinking water containing cryptosporidium.

Elaine Hollier, 80, from Brixham, Devon, was taken to hospital by paramedics on Saturday, May 11, after suffering from severe dehydration and vomiting. Medics were initially surprised by her condition until South West Water confirmed an outbreak of the parasite had been detected in an underground reservoir that supplies her home.

Her husband of 60 years, Dennis Hollier, said: “She was absolutely diabolical. I tried to help her for four days but became so worried that I called 111. The hospital didn’t know how to treat her because they didn’t know what was infecting her. She had severe stomach pain and could barely speak because she was so dehydrated. As soon as they confirmed it was a bug in the water, the doctors said, “We now know how to treat you.” I felt sick with worry, I was even told to stay away from the hospital because they weren’t knew what it was.

“I called South West Water to tell them what happened but they said you could still drink the water. I know at least 10 people who have it.

Are you affected by the contamination? Contact [email protected]

More than 20 cases of illness caused by the parasite have been confirmed in two areas of Brixham, meaning emergency rations of bottled water are on hand(Alamy Live News.)

Shop worker Jemma Michaels, 28, said: “It’s absolute chaos in the city, I can’t buy a single bottle of water, people can’t shower or wash their hands.” Third world conditions prevail here. I find it disgusting that we were only told this yesterday, so many people in the city are sick.

“This city relies on tourism, but reservations at restaurants and hotels are being canceled because people don’t want to come here and get sick, it’s a shame.”

South West Water said all drinking water quality tests in Brixham had returned clear results. A spokesman said: “We are aware of social media posts regarding the quality of drinking water in the Brixham area and would like to reassure customers that the water supply is OK and can continue to be used as normal.”

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