The Greens promise action over allegations of anti-Semitism

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The Green Party of England and Wales says it is taking action following complaints about anti-Semitic comments made or supported by its candidates.

This came after the Jewish Chronicle reported that three parliamentary candidates had shared “incendiary material” online.

The party says it is working with Lord Mann, the government’s independent anti-Semitism adviser, “to better educate Greens representatives about anti-Jewish racism.”

Lord Mann, a former Labor MP, initially wrote to the party ahead of the English local elections on May 2 over alleged posts by candidates Mohamed Makawi and Abdul Malik from October 2023.

The Green Party said Mr Makawi had since apologized and completed social media training, while Mr Malik had been “inadvertently” implicated in the post by being tagged.

Mr Malik told the BBC he had not posted a post featuring Hamas spokespeople and said he strongly condemned the attacks on Israel.

The Green Party leadership confirmed it had met Lord Mann last week.

They issued a joint statement with him committing to “continued dialogue and cooperation to ensure that anti-Semitism, like all racism, has no place in Green politics.”

The statement continued: “The Greens have taken a number of proactive steps to achieve these goals, but recognize that this will require consistent work going forward.”

This week the Jewish Chronicle reported that three parliamentary candidates had shared “incendiary material” online.

The BBC was unable to view the social media posts but has attempted to contact all three people involved to ask if they would like to respond.

According to the Jewish Chronicle, Elizabeth Waight, the Green Party candidate for Bethnal Green and Stepney, re-posted a video on Instagram in March this year in which a woman said: “All that’s left for the Zionists is to eat and drink the flesh .” the blood of the Palestinians… I think that will happen soon.”

The Jewish Chronicle also claims that Chingford and Wood Green candidate Chris Brody uploaded links to an article that said the Sept. 11 and Oct. 7 terrorist attacks were “false flag operations carried out “to pave the way for more carnage and chaos.”

The newspaper also highlights Bristol East candidate Naseem Talukdar for allegedly circulating comparisons between the Holocaust and the war in Gaza and “liking” a video clip in which anti-Israel activist David Miller says: “We must destroy Zionism.”

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image description, Former Labor MP Lord Mann is the government’s independent anti-Semitism adviser

Green Party sources say the allegations are being examined to determine whether disciplinary action, training or support would be the most appropriate response.

A party spokesman said: “The allegations made are serious and will be treated as such. At this point it would be inappropriate for us to comment further on the examples mentioned.”

It has been suggested to the BBC that the party machinery is overstretched as it tries to sift through a number of cases of potential anti-Semitism raised in recent weeks.

Lord Mann believes that all political parties must have robust complaint handling systems in place.

The Greens have been advocating a ceasefire in the Gaza war since October and are now calling for tougher action against Israel through boycotts, divestments and sanctions.

In another sign that the leadership is worried about being seen as a haven for people with anti-Semitic views, the party released a joint letter from Jewish and Muslim Greens saying they were “united against anti-Semitism and Islamophobia.”

“Together we oppose all attempts to exploit the ongoing tragedy in Israel-Palestine to further division, increase anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and other forms of racism,” it said.

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