Avril Lavigne talks wild death and the doppelganger conspiracy theory

Avril Lavigne has officially spoken out about her death hoax conspiracy theory.

Lavigne appeared on Alex Cooper’s podcast, Call her dadto talk about her music career and other tidbits. On Tuesday’s episode, Cooper brought up the conspiracy theory that Lavigne was dead – and that a girl named “Melissa” had taken her place.

“There’s a crazy rumor out there about you that of course I have to ask about,” Cooper said during the episode. “And I always ask people when they come on my show, ‘What’s the craziest rumor you’ve ever heard about yourself?’ … I guess I could just ask you first: What would you answer before I ask?”

“Oh yeah, that…I know what you’re talking about,” Lavigne said, immediately knowing which rumor Cooper was referring to. “I mean, it’s just funny to me.”

“On one hand, everyone’s like, ‘Oh my God, you look the same,'” the singer continued. “You haven’t aged a day.

But then other people think, you know, there’s a conspiracy theory that says I’m not me,” Lavigne exclaimed. Then she gave a thumbs up to the camera. “Cool. Honestly, it’s not that bad. It could be worse, right?”


Melissa can’t come to the phone right now…she’s on Call Her Daddy 😏😂 The new episode with @Avril Lavigne is now live! We talk about everything from her writing process to the crazy conspiracy that she was replaced by a body double named Melissa 😭

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Avril Lavigne talks about the death hoax conspiracy on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast

Lavigne didn’t seem too fazed by the wild conspiracy theories claiming she was dead. “I feel like I got something good!” she exclaimed. “I don’t think it’s negative or scary in any way.”

“Avril,” Cooper interrupted. “This conspiracy theory about you is one few scary. Light up.”

“Yeah, I don’t know, it could be worse,” Lavigne said, shrugging.

“It could?” Cooper asked.

“I mean, of course me Am me,” said the pop-punk star. “It’s so stupid.”

“To the people who don’t understand, to give people some context, there’s a conspiracy theory that Avril Lavigne is no longer with us,” Cooper told listeners. “And there’s a woman named Melissa who took over, and you… sitting across from me is Melissa.”

“When did (the conspiracy) begin?” Lavigne asked. “My second album? Like I don’t even know.”

“And why do people think that?” Cooper asked.

“I think they did that with other artists too,” Lavigne replied. “I’m not the only one.”

“I feel like yours is really outstanding,” Cooper said.

Lavigne then – jokingly – accused Cooper of believing the rumor, to which the podcast host responded that she was the one who started the conspiracy in the first place. The two both laughed at the whole ordeal.

“So you don’t care?” Cooper asked.

“No,” Lavigne said, giggling.

Finally, Cooper noted that Lavigne – or Melissa – really hasn’t aged and still looks as beautiful as she did years ago.

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